Hi friends,

Just a quick update because I’m ready for bed 😴 but Mom is still sick. It’s a big deal. She lost 9 pounds since they weighed her last. If she’s 100 pounds, I would be very surprised. I haven’t been in to see her for a couple days – since Monday to be exact and I feel horrible. I called to check on her this morning and was told they are taking a sample to test for C-diff, and i should have the results tonight. And here’s what has me kinda upset. We paid big bucks to hold her room so she’d come ‘home’ to somewhere familiar. Did I say this already?! Oh well. They put her down stairs, however, after her surgery as you all know, because of the GI Bug. I get it. Her immune system is extremely compromised! BUT they put her in a room, with a roommate, who had/has C-diff. What in the hell were they thinking? Seriously. If she ends up with C-Diff again, I seriously may snap. I mean, come ON! Not to mention the fact that the person on the phone lied! Never took a sample today, hopefully they will do it tomorrow. But tomorrow she has a check up with Dr. Campbell for her surgery so, I’m sure that will need to be rescheduled. Long story, that I wanted to be a short story, saying don’t visit until this is cleared up.

Pugsley?! Not sure of the spelling, took Moms cat today. He lives in the woods on over an acre with lots of mice to chase. Didn’t think it would make me sad, but it did. 😿 Found that cat in college. Mom loved and hated that cat. So did I. At least it will be happy! It would hate to be cooped up for the rest of its life. It’s best this way. I think.

Go EAGLES (😉) and good night. Xo


2 thoughts on “12/13

  1. CC Miller =) says:

    I had no idea this was going on! I am so sorry to hear she is sick!!!! 😦 I am praying away as I type. That would really piss me of too, couldnt they have put her in her OWN room rather than in a room with a sick roomate? WTH..makes zero sense. I am so sorry. Another bump in the road, amongst so many. Hang in there, keep praying as I will be doing. Its going to get better.. ❤ you. And now I feel bad about what i just said on FB regarding you being an anti-animal lover! LOL. Awwwww, kitty will be so happy on that farm though. Really sounds wonderful for a cat. You are my hero SIL!!!!! love you love you love you. xoxooxoxo

  2. Dana Miller says:

    Awww! Thanks SIL! You are the best! Can’t wait to see you soon! Christmas is right around the corner and then NYE! 💓 I appreciate your thoughts and I love you too! Lots. 😘

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