Well my friends! I’m almost all packed up and ready to close this chapter. My childhood home. The room down the hall, where I knew that no matter what ever happened in this world, it would always be mine. My Mom is everywhere I look here. She made this house a home – but without her here, it means nothing. Time to close up shop and move onward. So! That’s what we will do! Closing on this house is tomorrow at 9! Then the purchase for the new house is at 10! Ready to get in there and hit the ground running. Have paint picked out, lots of supplies! Going to make that place the cutest house you ever did see and all that my Mom deserves! I can promise you that! If you are bored this week or weekend πŸ˜‰ stop on by, grab a brush and help us out. We sure could use it!

Other news! Dad took Elvis today! So we are down to just Squirt now. He looks a little nervous! LOL. Mom has her swallow test tomorrow at 2 to see how she is doing. I couldn’t take not seeing her so I ran in real quick on Friday. She was so darn cute. Told her we didn’t forget about her and she knew that. πŸ’ž I just never know what she thinks and I know her days are so so long. I can’t imagine, how long they are now, with no visitors. Can’t wait until she is better. Wanted to take her out and get her in the Christmas spirit this week, but that didn’t work out. Maybe next week. She sees Dr. Campbell on Wednesday, so that’s good! Other than that, nothing really exciting. Work with the Attorney Generals office about the appeal. Hopefully they can help me out. I’ve had them involved for a while. Not sure what else to do at this point! Also working with a state representative. She told me that getting a lawyer involved with the appeals process was not a good idea. So we are doing it ourselves with some guidance! We will see where that goes and decide what’s next! Not gonna lie though, the 24,000 bill with my name on it for Mom to stay at Phoebe since 10/21 does make me quite uneasy! 😳 But, it will all work out one way or another! Isn’t it awful how we prey on the elderly and basically rob them! 24,000 dollars!! Blows my mind! Any who! Took the kids to down town Bethlehem last night. That was great! Santa is coming tonight at 6 PM to drop off some presents tonight so I’m looking forward to the screaming and crying that will cause! πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ˜œ! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend! And as always, thank you!! πŸ’“


2 thoughts on “12/16

  1. Marianne Dogmanits says:

    Always look forward to your posts and find you more and more amazing with each one! Everyone raves about my “Flour Children” grandbaby pictures! Love them so much!
    Merry Christmas, Dana.
    Marianne D

  2. Linda says:

    To bad you can’t cut out the door way with all those memories on it 😦

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