Phew! Thank goodness we are alive today, because if it was the end of the world, I would be pretty bummed 😉 Who believes that 💩 anyway!! First and foremost, my Angel on Earth struck again! She has answered my prayers, with the most wonderful Christmas present. This woman, is THE most incredible person I ever knew. Her generosity is unheard of! All I want to do when I get to Texas is get in the car and tell her how MUCH she means to me and what she has done for the other most incredible person ever, Momma. 💞 Thank you will never, ever, be enough. You are an inspiration and make me want to be a better person, every single day. And I can’t WAIT to pass it forward (someday 🙏)!

Well, we are kicking some major butt at the house, thanks to some awesome helpers! Uncle D stripped all of the wall paper and that was a major project since I think it’s been up since the 50’s! Sally sent over a contractor and he painted all of the ceilings – twice! I don’t think I saw Brent without a paintbrush once yesterday! Tia was a HUGE help 2 days ago and we wanted to keep her 💓 what a breathe of fresh air! Aunt Joanne, as always, pulls through as super babysitter! And Greg is THE best edger I’ve ever seen 😜. Cant forget Dad for brining us food and comic relief! Ohh! and Greg Slifer, who hung the front light (in record time 😉). We couldn’t do it without you guys! I mean it! This whole house is painted with the exception of some minor touch up! Incredible!! And it looks AMaZEBaLLz! I know she is going to L💚VE it! I can’t sleep, I’m just so happy and so excited. Finally, I know, something good is coming out of this! If fact, we may kidnap her and get her in here and show her around before the major renovations start. Which are starting the 26th! Sooooo, we have to be out of here earlier than we though! Christmas Day is our last day here because the project starts the 26th! Can’t WAIT to see what this place looks like when we get back! I will post before and afters for sure!

Dustin took Mom to the Dr. Wednesday (thanks again) and she is doing great! She looks wonderful, but she’s too skinny! Her incision looks beautiful. Her hair is all one length so that can start to grow in now. Took the kids to see her yesterday. I’ve been keeping them away, but she was SO happy! They say she isn’t contagious (if you dont touch her 💩) but, it still seems a little uneasy with the little ones but I sprayed them down and washed their stuff so we are good! And that’s really it! Going to work on unloading the POD, shooting for Saturday, and that’s a wrap!! 💓

So excited!! Thank you all! Over 8,500 views and 97 followers!! Amazing. I can feel your support every day. Xoxo


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