Holy MOLY! The POD is unloaded!! Woooowza! Yesterday we took a LOT out! Dougie and Brent took out the big stuff, and then today, Shelly, Brent, Dad and myself emptied it! Feels sooooo good! Shelly and I unloaded the kitchen – so much more space than Moms old one! Still touching up, but even started hanging a few pictures. Starting to look like Moms house 👍 Doug and Brent even got the bar, a other big items in the basement. We are so good to go (don’t worry Machik, still plenty for you to do 😉). Thank goodness for wonderful friends 💓🙏😘 Wanted to bring Mom to see it today but, she was ready for bed and its just so so cold. It was so nice to talk with her today. She seemed so wonderful. She just wants to get out of there and I can’t blame her for that!! I think she will just see it when it’s alllllllll ready for the Queen herself! 😉 She is also doing so good at therapy with her leg. Her memory seems to be getting a little better every day. She’s just such a miracle. 💖

*Almost* finished up our Christmas shopping tonight! Phew! It’s nuts out there! Going to wrap tomorrow night and get all ready! Hopefully get in the Christmas spirit!! Pip the Mouse helped today! Max said ‘It was AWESOME good!’ 😜 He is easy to please. We are in the very beginning stages or negotiating an offer on OUR house, so fingers super duper crossed there!! And we booked our flights home, so I’m excited about that! The 1st at 1:45! Things are on the ⬆ and ⬆ for SURE!! And that’s really it!!

Pic from yesterday. Painted the shutters, star (and hung it), door, replaced the mailbox, took down the ‘cage’. Coming along. Aunt Sandy and Sharon were also visiting.



One thought on “12/22!

  1. Marianne Dogmanits says:

    Looks great! Can I adopt you yet?

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