Hi all! Hope everything is going well for all of you! Things down in Texas are wonderful. Still enjoying this calm before the storm with the family. Getting ready for the largest yard sale EVER next week! Gotta get rid of a lot! And our little man Max, is officially potty trained!! Well, I hope I didn’t just jinx it, but he’s doing amazing!! πŸ‘ Really enjoying this time together but also excited for the move and to close this chapter!

Mom is also doing well. Still talking on the phone and face timing her but miss her so MUCH. Saturday she was amazing! Seemed crystal clear, singing Frosty with the kids…it was so cute! She is getting a little angry/down now because she wants to go home. BAD. I am just asking that if you have a second to PLEASE stop in and she her. She needs it now more than ever. Even if its just for a minute of two. We are so close to getting her home, but this is torture for her – to be so close, yet sit in there day after day. Just put yourself in her shoes. I try not to because it makes me cry. 😒 Her house is also coming along! I think we are waiting on a couple permits but they have the shower in, started the deck. It’s pretty awesome!!

Ok! Here are the results for the calendars this week! Not a lot of winners. Maybe this week will be better!! Thank you again for all of your support!! Have a great week πŸ’“



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