Hi friends! Here’s what’s happening around here! Dinner with Earth Angel tonight. Gonna make a PA specialty – Roast Beef Pot Pie! Lets be honest tho. Brent’s making it πŸ˜‰ don’t wanna kill her! LOL. Truck is coming to pick up the VW Bug TODAY! 😳 Worlds largest everything must go garage sale this weekend! And then the moving truck arrives Tuesday to pack us up! UnREAL! The plan is to fly out Thursday night! Friday, set up interviews for Moms caregivers for Monday! And then get her some fabulous care after spending the weekend at the Millers! We will then stay at her house until we buy our new house on the 31st (who knows where the hell our stuff will be in the meantime 😜) and then get Mom in her new house and us in ours almost simultaneously! Phew! Exhausted just thinking about it!!

At Moms house the drywall will be done today! The spackle on Friday and the tile floors Saturday. On Monday they will working on finishing the widening of the doorways. Some items won’t be in by the end of the month, but we are going to try to get her in w/o them. Some things can also go in while she is in there but obviously some other things are necessary and those things are being worked on first. Her insurance company said she will be approved for a medical bed, wheel chair, commode and shower chair with a Dr. prescription which doesn’t need to be done until its time to leave! Called Phoebe and sounds like her Doc there is on board! Things continue to be somewhat smooth and again, I πŸ™ I didn’t jinx myself! And finally, she’s been approved for long term disability by her work/Aetna! I believe that went into effect yesterday! πŸ‘πŸ‘

Think that’s it for now! I’m a little bit of a basket case right now. Can’t sleep, feel like I’m going to hurl. 😱 Just want this over with. So hard to be here any longer knowing we are leaving. Could be fine and then I look and see something that sets me off into tears 😒 We always wanted to move back NE. Guess we just wish it was for a happier reason. Brent is working hard to get us outta here. He’s talking with movers, appraisers, mortgage company πŸ’©. Praying for a miracle and that this all goes off without a hitch but that sounds too hard to imagine!!

As always, if you have a second please say hi to Momma. And thanks for your continued prayers and support. πŸ’“


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