Hi friends!! Oh my – so much has happened! Well, we are back in PA and our stuff finally came on Saturday. It was so emotional so I decided to stay away from the blog for awhile 😉 but it’s all good. My car came today so all of our things are under our new roof! Except for Brent. 😢 He flew out today and has an exceptionally busy month. We want him home, especially now, but he has to do his job which has been so SO wonderful to us. So it is what it is and its good to be back in PA (for the most part 😉) – and even better when the suns shining! We even had our TV’s hooked up Sunday and ready to go for the Super Bowl! Now that was a game!! Even though my Dad calles it the National Fixed League! 😜 We have lots of work to do here (anyone know good, fast, reasonable painters) but the place is filled with potential. And the kids seem so very pleased – which is huge for me. Just a little overwhelming at times but we will get there!! I hope when things settle down I can share with you some of the life lessons I learned from this about my time in Texas. So many experiences from this ordeal have taught me so much. About my Mom. About me. About life. When it gets hard, it’s these beautiful (sometimes not so beautiful) take away messages I need to focus on.

Mom is very well. She is healthy. She just had an angiogram done this week which looked great. Her house is all done with the exception of a few minor items. I am so excited. I’m going to pick her up and take her to it tomorrow. I just am so hoping she loves it and is happy to call it home. It really came together and is everything I thought/hoped it would be so we shall see. Griswold (care agency) came to meet her today and check out her place. They said it is a perfect fit and they have someone ready for the big move on Friday. BUT, I was given the name/number if a sweet woman that doesn’t work for any agency who took care of an acquaintance’s Mother! I’m super excited and her! She would be a live in and becomes basically, part of the family. I’m meeting with her Thursday morning and heard only wonderful things about her so my fingers are so crossed that this works out that they are purple 🙏 This is so STRESSFUL but there is a humongous shining light and the end of this tunnel. And I think getting Mom home will do so much for all of our spirits. I really just can’t wait.

The Trexlertown Fire Company gave me the check this week. With flu seasons and everything going on – it was just easier. Jaw dropping $8,500 bucks. Just amazing. I just don’t know how to thank them but I’m sure going to try when things settle down. What wonderful people and what an amazing day. Aww. Just thinking about it makes my heart happy and puts a smile on my face.

Other than that, we are all hanging in there. Keeping on keeping on! My brother an sister in law have been amazing. We had such a great day working together today to put the finishing touches on the house for Mom. And nothing makes me happier than to see my/my brothers kid(s) playing so nicely together. So cute.

Thank you all as always. I’ve kinda been distant/hiding out from the world. It’a not ignoring anyone – it’s just trying to survive this home stretch here. I know you all know that, but thank you, dear friends especially, for your support and patience with me during this crazy time. Hoping things calm down and I can look up again 💓 I can feel it coming. And finally – does anyone need any boxes? Funny how it works. I was begging for boxes and now I’m begging to get rid of them.

And I’ve been meaning to tell you all this – but if you thought my Earth Angel was awesome before, I wish you would all had the chance to meet her in person. She is just incredible and makes me want to be a better person. She has left a tremendous impact on my life and in my heart. I really hope to see her again and I hope that she truly knows what she’s done for me. It’s beyond words. I know it sounds like a broken record but this whole things amazes me. Just amazes me!

Ok. Been up every morning before 5 with a boy who has the worst and most inconvient 💩 schedule which sets my mind racing! LOL. Sweet dream my friends. Xo


2 thoughts on “2/4

  1. Angela Miller says:

    Thank you for the update! Love you ladies!

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