Hello everyone!! Hope you are all well! Just checking in. I’m excited and so relived to say that things are settling down for my family and Mom! Thank goodness!!! 💓💓💓 As far as Mom, we all continue to think Marilin is a gift from above. Not ONLY does she take exceptional care of my Mother – but she also made me home made empanadas for dinner tonight!! Double SCORE!! 😜👍🎯 I finally got all of Moms meds and things figured out. That alone was a nightmare. I mean – I need to post a picture of her daily meds. It’s shocking. Her new toilet is awesome!! Reason alone to visit. LOL. It washes, rinses, deodorizes, dries – all while delightfully heated and remote controlled. Holy bat balls. Toilets have come a long way! I want to take her bowling and things but therapists and nurses are in and out ALL day LONG. Her tailbone is doing well thankfully. Aunt Sandy got her some cushions and the chair lift thinger is good so she can lay down without being in bed all day. She was so GOOD today. I mean – this was the best I’ve seen her yet. She was trying to step on the kids toes with her good foot, and trying to grab their little noses. Oh, she just looks at them and smiles. I’m so glad the kids have adjusted. They were dancing for her tonight – putting on quite a show and she ate it up. Speaking of eating – she ate a TON today!! It just feels so good. I know I’ve said it before but I think going home saved her spirit/life. She looks so happy. And that makes me very happy. 💞

Brent will be home around midnight and will be home for 2 whole weeks!! 🙏 We haven’t had any surprises at the house for over a week (knock on wood). And our basement is almost all done! Starting to feel like home. The kids are wonderful as always…I think after 7 months – we are finally reaching a new normal and it feels so so good. Fun Friday and weekend planned with family! Bounce U with Aunt Jenny and Jaidyn followed by a weekend with Aunt CC and Uncle D. I can breathe again, and it makes me happy. Thought I was gonna lose it there for a while and was about to get some meds (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But I truly was worried about my sanity and stability. I knew if I could hold on a little longer I would be ok. I know we will have bumps along the way, but I think we made it ☺ Thank you God. And thank you all. And thank you Brent, Max and Molly. My world. Have a wonderful night and weekend my friends 💓


One thought on “2/21

  1. CC says:

    Yayyyyyy for things finally settling down and looking UP!!! I love empanadas!! LOL I need to meet this GOD send, she truly is!! That toilet sounds refreshing too! 😉 nothing wrong with meds indeed!! 😉 glad ur ok though and pulling through! Can’t wait for a fun filled family weekend! NO snow!! No snow!!!

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