Hello guys! Hope you are all doing well! It seems as though if we can make it until Thursday, spring is JUST about here!! Thank goodness! So ready for birds, flowers, and lots of sunshine!! I know I’m not alone here 😉💐☀🐇

Mom is doing well. Well, the last time I wrote was the best I’ve seen her yet! I was so excited! she was with it and spunky as all heck! But every day since then she’s seemed a little off to me. Lethargic. Whispering. Not really even looking at me. Told me she was mad at me for ‘everything’ LOL! Then I start thinking is she depressed, is it all of the meds, is it the shunt, are we having a relapse…the never ending questions without answers start racing through my head and I can’t shut them off. BUT, I think this is just the way it’s going to go from here on out. She’s eating up a storm, Marilin died her hair nice and BLONDE like she wanted it. Marilin is AmAzEbALLz. My family all wants to chop off a leg to have her take care of them! LOL. Not gonna lie, she puts the biggest smile on my face when I’m there and is becoming a huge reason for my visits. She’s the best! 😘 Oh, and I know she’s been having many visitors! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. That is the most important thing we can do for her right now! Visit, show her she’s loved. Thank you all. AND, I’ve been hearing that toilet seats a hit and has been getting its use as well. LOL. 💩💩 Hey – whatever gets you there. 😜

Things are going great with us. House continues to come along. Kids continue to be the most beautiful things ever. Brent was home for the entire week and it was awesome. Continuing up! 🙏 But my heart is breaking for my brother. His best friend died this week. 31. Beautiful little girl. From the flu. David Muller. I just can’t believe it. 2nd funeral for me this week so PLEASE. If Mom wasn’t reminder enough – this life is WAY TOO Short. And way to unpredictable. Please enjoy today. And every day. Be nice to each other. Love one another. Let the person turn at the light. Lets make this world better! 💓💓💓 Have a wonderful weekend my friends and think SPRING!!


Picture of Momma, her man, and my brother and sister-in-law from last weekend. LOL.


<a href
Pic Marilin sent me of Moms new BLONDE locks!! 😉 Hubba HUBBA!!


3 thoughts on “3/2/13

  1. CC says:

    I am sooooo glad we got to visit your mom! I sure wish I lived closer and could visit her often! I second that Marilin is AMazEbALLS! That woman is a gift from GOD!!! So lucky your mom has her to take the best care of her possible! I miss them both! So sorry for your brothers loss 😦

  2. Peggy Karpeuk says:

    Hang in there Dana and keep smiling. She has beat many odds already. She is strong and with all you and Dustin and your families love and support will bring her the strength and smiles.

  3. D P & LO McXCas says:

    Dana, Brent, Max & Molly,
    We love you all & miss you very much !! Best hope and wishes for our favorite
    family. Happy spring to you guys !!! L – d,p, and L

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