Brent’s Birthday Celebration!!


We had SO much fun. Oh my gosh we laughed. Mom said she hated her beer but drank every drop stating she ‘refuses to believe that she no longer likes it’ and ‘its her worst nightmare’. LOL. Brent was a great sport. As always! Hope all of you had a great night too. 🍻😉🎂🍴🎈🎉💚


5 thoughts on “Brent’s Birthday Celebration!!

  1. CC says:

    This warms my heart like NOTHING ELSE!!!! What a fantastic set of pics! SO FUN!!!! Look at everyone!!!!!! Love it, and Linda’s beer comment is cracking me up!!! Happy birthday Brent! Sooooo glad it was a great night out!!!!!!!!

  2. CC says:

    And Marilin wearing the stache is amazeballs! Bahahahhahaha stache looks GOOD BTW!!! Hope it sticks!!

  3. sally slifer says:

    Dana, thanks for the continued updates. I always take the time to read them and reflect how very fortunate every day of life is. You are a very special person, Dana! Your mom is so very blessed to have you and Dustin! Take care!

  4. Joanne F. says:

    Love it, so glad everyone had a great time. Happy Birthday Brent…..Thanks for sharing…

  5. Diane Weston says:

    Say it ain’t so … She didn’t like her beer! That cracks me up! Love the pics. Happy Birthday Brent!

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