Hi everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and a very Happy Easter! We sure did! Went to Brent’s family on Saturday and spent the day with my family on Sunday with a BIG part of the day spent with Mom. Lots has happened since the last time I wrote and its all GOOD!! 🙏

Well, the medication is all taken care of. It turns out that those two medications that were missing pills, my Aunt Sandy picked up for us so she got it all taken care if and CVS gave her the missing pills so we are good to go! Way to go Aunt Sandy!!

In addition, Mom is now moving both her left LEG ANNND ARM!! Talk about AmAzEbALLz!!! I know I mentioned it the last time I wrote but I can’t get over it! She can basically stand up with very minimal assistance to move from wherever to the wheelchair or vice versa. She even started taking steps with her physical therapist! She’ll be the first to tell you it’s ugly but who CARES – it’s happening!! She also started moving her arm a little bit. In fact, she can get from her wheelchair to the couch all by herself! Now I haven’t seen this stunt in person thank goodness (sounds scary) but she did it about 5 times the other day. And shes getting around in her chair by herself and is becoming quite the driver!!! LOL. Her spirits are very high! Her hair is growing out. In fact, she called me today (Marilin helped her dial) and I was taken back because she sounded like my old Mom!! So freggin excited!!

So it’s been going AWESOME!! Then on Sunday we took her to church! What a great time. Mom sang her little heart out – all of our Easter favorites. Pastor Carol gave her a big shout out during the service. I’d tell you what she said but I don’t even know because I was bawling like a darn baby! Then she said something about me – LOL, however I don’t know that either because by this point I was embarrassing myself! But it was so so wonderful! Ahhh. I’m just so happy. Here are some random pics:

Standing basically on her own!

Kids basically use her wheelchair for a jungle gym! 🙊

Love this picture so MUCH. The kids are really coming around which warms my heart like no other. They get excited to go now. When I here Molly chant Go Memaw, Go or Max say You Can Do It or Memaw You’re Getting Better or Memaw, You Talk Fast Again – I tear up. You know it’s real when a 3 year old says it and if that’s not motivating I don’t know what is. 💓

And of course we painted EGGS!!


And had our very own Easter Egg hunt!! It was a great day. Forgot to mention one little thing!! Our favorite Marilin struck it big! My cousin, my Aunt and Marilin took to the casino for the day to celebrate my Aunts Birthday we had a big WINNER!!!

Congrats!! 🎉🎈🚨 You certainly deserve it. Could NEVER thank you enough for all that you do. Xoxo. Love this pic!! PS – she didn’t win 100,000 although I’m sure she wishes she did 😜Ok! Think that’s about it! Thanks for continuing to follow this incredible journey with us!! Have a great night!! Xo



6 thoughts on “4/2/13

  1. Jennifer says:

    She looks so good! So happy for you all! Miss you!

  2. Jamie says:

    This is so amazing Dana! Your mom is so lucky to have all of you pulling for her! She is an awesome person and so are YOU! XOXO

  3. Marianne Dogmanits says:


  4. Cristin says:

    Best update EVER!!!! She just beams with happiness! So happy for you ALL!!! Way to go Marilene! if anyone deserves that, is HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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