Hi friends! Hope all of you Mommas had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday!! I know my Mom did 💓. We took her to the fire company breakfast and then to see my Nana! That was nice, and my Aunt Joanne and her family was there too. Then my Aunt Sandy came over to see her and spend time with her followed by a BBQ with my brother and his family! She sounded sleepy last night but said she had such a great day and I could hear her smiling 😉! She certainly deserved a good day! And I’m so happy my Aunt and Dustin could all work together and give Marilin some well deserved time with her family for the day!!

Moms doing so well. Things keep going up and up. Always worried and waiting for the step backwards, but celebrating the progress every day. She has now moved on to intense physical and occupational rehab back at Good Shepherd. She started there on Tuesday of last week and will go every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning for 4 months and which time she will need to be evaluated. She is sore and in pain, but we try to keep reminding her this is GOOD pain. Easy for us to say 🙊. I honestly don’t think she will be in that wheelchair for another year. So freaking awesome. She continues to come around mentally as well. Still gets a little funky when she’s sleepy, but who doesn’t. She is just amazing.

She’s also been out and about! She went to the annual derby party at Chris Kohlers house, which she goes to every year (thanks again for having us 😉). Aunt Joanne and myself went to the Trexler Zoo a few weeks ago with the kids! She’s been to our home a couple of times now and the kids were so excited to show her around. We have date night every Thursday, either here or at her house. She’s been going to acupuncture on Fridays! Aunt Sandy is taking her to Roosevelt’s tonight! Marilin takes her here and there! And has been enjoying some fresh air this beautiful spring! Life is good and continues to get better and better every day. Thank you so much for your hopes, prayers and support and please – stop on by. She sure does love her visitors. Thanks again!! Xo

Here we are on Mothers Day! This picture means so much to me 💓

Here’s a few from our zoo outing! Love the penguin pic! LOL.

Ad here’s the gang hanging out on the porch on Date Night 😍! Followed by the kids putting on a show!!



And Marilin with her new buddy!! 🐶 Have a great day!!!!


2 thoughts on “5/13/13

  1. Joanne F. says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, makes me so happy 🙂

  2. D P & L McCasland says:

    lov the pics !! Date night makes me feel all sentimental !! ha ha

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