Hi friends! Been a while! So here’s the latest and greatest! Mom is still kicking some serious butt! 👍 She is in pain and PT is hard at Good Shepherd but she continues to improve. Her balance is getting better, she seems to acknowledge her left side more. She even blew me a kiss with her left arm/hand. She does all kinds of wonderful things there. She will go there for 4 months, at which time she will be evaluated and insurance will decide if she can/should continue. So we shall see! She is also getting her feeding tube out soon (thank goodness) and she is off a blood pressure medication so the more meds we can get off of the list, the better. Mentally, she is making huge strides. When she calls on the phone, for the first few sentences you would swear it was the Linda of old. She continues to ask more and more questions and piece various parts of the puzzle together. We just celebrated Molly’s second birthday and the people who haven’t seen her in a while we’re seriously impressed!! My mother-in-law said that talking to her was the best part of the celebration and my husbands grandpa talked about her the whole way home 😉. It’s so awesome to see people’s reactions to her and her progress. She (as well as myself sometimes) forget just HOW far she has come in such a short time. She knocks our socks off and her strength (both mental and physical) is just incredible. However, with more mental awareness also comes some more sadness. She is upset the kids react differently to her and she can’t hop down and play! She gets sick of everyone bossing her around and telling her what to do – which is what she needed for so long, but now she needs to make decisions for herself and we all need to respect those decisions. She is also very upset, sometimes that this has happened to her but still, has never ONCE said why me. She’s just so strong. She also misses her ‘old’ life. People just aren’t coming around. It breaks her heart and mine, but at this point there is nothing more that I can do about that. I told her it is similar to a funeral in that, everyone is there in the beginning, but life goes on, time passes and people move forward! It is what it is. So, we just try to visit as much as we can. The kids just make her light up! So we are there when we can be. And Thursday nights we have her over for dinner. Yesterday we went to the park and grilled hotdogs at my Nana and Pops…just getting her out. She gets tired, but not as quickly as before. Now if only we could get her into a swimming suit! I’ve never seen her butt this pale 😉 we joke about it all of the time. Whitey Ford!! And my Aunt Sandy, and LaDonna really help with the visits too! Can’t thank you two enough 💞
. Still dealing with darn Aetna – they continue to be a never ending thorn in my side, but I’ve become much more patient (well, I am trying at least) and it is what it is. Can’t get myself all worked up over the things I can’t control! And I think that’s a wrap!

Kids keeping her entertained!


Getting their photo booth on!!


She loves her some babies!!

So blessed to have this amazing woman in my life. Xoxox. Good night friends! And thanks for continuing to follow this journey. Your support is always appreciated and means so much. Sweet dreams!!


3 thoughts on “6/6/13

  1. Marianne Dogmanits says:


  2. Steph says:

    I just love the picture with your mom and Dustin!!!

    We were so sorry to have missed you guys at the fire company on mother’s day. The Lion’s club flea market was rained out on that Saturday before and the rain date was Mother’s day. I was so hoping we would have seen you all.

    I am struggling with a very weak knee right now. I have much pain and will have a knee replacement on June 25th. We are having the finishing touches on a brand new bathroom we had built onto our bedroom this spring. Since the place is torn up, we are painting and will have new carpeting placed next week. I’m in a race to get all this mess cleaned up before my surgery. Please tell your mom and Aunt Sandy that we had such high hopes to get to see them at her new house, but I hate to even drive anywhere and don’t even do my own food shopping. Ron goes with me just about everywhere. My walking is very slow. I am also in training before this surgery—-the exercises are painful and some I can’t even do. But I try my best.

    I will be sending a picture of our grandson that I’m sure she will just love to see. Does your mom have an e-mail yet? What is it? — Or can I send it to yours???? Let me know.

    Hang in there!!


    • Dana Miller says:

      Thanks Stephanie! And it sounds like you have your hands full 😕 you can surely send the picture to me. I don’t know her email off the top of my head. We will be heading over to make her some dinner on this rainy day. Or you can text her!! Please hang in there and I hope your knee replacement goes well and things turn up for you. ⭐ Have a good day.

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