Reunited!! New wheel chair! No feeding tube!! Continuing on the ⬆ and ⬆!! Happy 1st day of summer!! ☀☀☀☀


8 thoughts on “6/21/13

  1. Lynette Smiith says:

    This brings tears to my eyes! Sooo very happy for Linda and her buddy!!! Xo

  2. westondk@airproducts.com says:

    Love this news 🙂

  3. Robin slifer says:

    That’s a beautiful thing! ❤

  4. Laura Luca says:

    Awesome! Looking good Linda!!! : )

  5. Aunt Vick says:

    Aww..I love this picture.

  6. Carol Bastin says:

    She’s looking so good. It was great to have her in church on Sunday!

  7. CC says:

    Awesome!!! Great news!! 🙂

  8. Sherry Meck says:

    I believe our dogs are angels on all fours. They give so much to us. Glad to see you’re working on a tan too

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