Hi everyone!!

Everything is going great. I think Mom had a pretty good summer. She has a new granddaughter, Cora Lin! Cora was born on July 25th! She celebrated her 1 year anniversary of her injury with me in OCNJ for the day!! Next year she’s going for the whooooole week! She been to the fair, the LV air show, here and there, out and about. She is healing tremendously, both mentally and physically. She just is a true walkin, talkin miracle. She can even stand and start walking all by herself. So lucky to have her. Xoxo

But I need some help and I’m not sure where to turn. I’m hoping you guys have some great ideas!! We need relief for Marilin from about 8 Saturday morning to about 8 Sunday nights. I’m going to set up a bed in the playroom for this person to stay. This person will have access to the car. But will really just make sure mom has meals and stay with her. Do things with her. Take her out to see the world and enjoy beautiful fall in PA! The weekends should be pretty easy too. My Aunt helps out tremendously on the weekends. I can help out when we are home. We just need someone, trust worthy and reliable, as soon as possible. Please help!! She doesn’t need any medical experience as my Mom is doing awesome and just needs helps with a few things. Let me know your ideas or questions please!!!

Thank you so much!! It doesn’t really have to be weekends either! It can be a Tuesday morning to Wednesday night, a Tuesday morning to Friday night. Just need a good chunk of time. Thanks again friends!!!!








One thought on “Question/Help

  1. D P & L McCasland says:

    I just cannot believe how different Linda looks and is now!
    Truly a miracle !! Good for you all, L- dj

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