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Best buddies reunited.


It is with a great pleasure that I announce Mom no longer used her wheel chair!! Except, of course for long distances such as the mall, grocery store… And when she came for pizza last night she didn’t even have her walker. Just her. Walking. Alone. OMG. We are so excited.

I hear she was at the fire company breakfast. And many of you were just as amazed as me with her progress. I love this story.

Thank you all for your continued prayers as support. And thank YOU Stephanie for the INCREDIBLE prayer quilt. Just beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Side Note

Look at how many places this blog has been viewed!! That’s awesome!!!



Hi everyone!!

Everything is going great. I think Mom had a pretty good summer. She has a new granddaughter, Cora Lin! Cora was born on July 25th! She celebrated her 1 year anniversary of her injury with me in OCNJ for the day!! Next year she’s going for the whooooole week! She been to the fair, the LV air show, here and there, out and about. She is healing tremendously, both mentally and physically. She just is a true walkin, talkin miracle. She can even stand and start walking all by herself. So lucky to have her. Xoxo

But I need some help and I’m not sure where to turn. I’m hoping you guys have some great ideas!! We need relief for Marilin from about 8 Saturday morning to about 8 Sunday nights. I’m going to set up a bed in the playroom for this person to stay. This person will have access to the car. But will really just make sure mom has meals and stay with her. Do things with her. Take her out to see the world and enjoy beautiful fall in PA! The weekends should be pretty easy too. My Aunt helps out tremendously on the weekends. I can help out when we are home. We just need someone, trust worthy and reliable, as soon as possible. Please help!! She doesn’t need any medical experience as my Mom is doing awesome and just needs helps with a few things. Let me know your ideas or questions please!!!

Thank you so much!! It doesn’t really have to be weekends either! It can be a Tuesday morning to Wednesday night, a Tuesday morning to Friday night. Just need a good chunk of time. Thanks again friends!!!!









Reunited!! New wheel chair! No feeding tube!! Continuing on the ⬆ and ⬆!! Happy 1st day of summer!! ☀☀☀☀


Hi friends! Been a while! So here’s the latest and greatest! Mom is still kicking some serious butt! 👍 She is in pain and PT is hard at Good Shepherd but she continues to improve. Her balance is getting better, she seems to acknowledge her left side more. She even blew me a kiss with her left arm/hand. She does all kinds of wonderful things there. She will go there for 4 months, at which time she will be evaluated and insurance will decide if she can/should continue. So we shall see! She is also getting her feeding tube out soon (thank goodness) and she is off a blood pressure medication so the more meds we can get off of the list, the better. Mentally, she is making huge strides. When she calls on the phone, for the first few sentences you would swear it was the Linda of old. She continues to ask more and more questions and piece various parts of the puzzle together. We just celebrated Molly’s second birthday and the people who haven’t seen her in a while we’re seriously impressed!! My mother-in-law said that talking to her was the best part of the celebration and my husbands grandpa talked about her the whole way home 😉. It’s so awesome to see people’s reactions to her and her progress. She (as well as myself sometimes) forget just HOW far she has come in such a short time. She knocks our socks off and her strength (both mental and physical) is just incredible. However, with more mental awareness also comes some more sadness. She is upset the kids react differently to her and she can’t hop down and play! She gets sick of everyone bossing her around and telling her what to do – which is what she needed for so long, but now she needs to make decisions for herself and we all need to respect those decisions. She is also very upset, sometimes that this has happened to her but still, has never ONCE said why me. She’s just so strong. She also misses her ‘old’ life. People just aren’t coming around. It breaks her heart and mine, but at this point there is nothing more that I can do about that. I told her it is similar to a funeral in that, everyone is there in the beginning, but life goes on, time passes and people move forward! It is what it is. So, we just try to visit as much as we can. The kids just make her light up! So we are there when we can be. And Thursday nights we have her over for dinner. Yesterday we went to the park and grilled hotdogs at my Nana and Pops…just getting her out. She gets tired, but not as quickly as before. Now if only we could get her into a swimming suit! I’ve never seen her butt this pale 😉 we joke about it all of the time. Whitey Ford!! And my Aunt Sandy, and LaDonna really help with the visits too! Can’t thank you two enough 💞
. Still dealing with darn Aetna – they continue to be a never ending thorn in my side, but I’ve become much more patient (well, I am trying at least) and it is what it is. Can’t get myself all worked up over the things I can’t control! And I think that’s a wrap!

Kids keeping her entertained!


Getting their photo booth on!!


She loves her some babies!!

So blessed to have this amazing woman in my life. Xoxox. Good night friends! And thanks for continuing to follow this journey. Your support is always appreciated and means so much. Sweet dreams!!


Hi friends! Hope all of you Mommas had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday!! I know my Mom did 💓. We took her to the fire company breakfast and then to see my Nana! That was nice, and my Aunt Joanne and her family was there too. Then my Aunt Sandy came over to see her and spend time with her followed by a BBQ with my brother and his family! She sounded sleepy last night but said she had such a great day and I could hear her smiling 😉! She certainly deserved a good day! And I’m so happy my Aunt and Dustin could all work together and give Marilin some well deserved time with her family for the day!!

Moms doing so well. Things keep going up and up. Always worried and waiting for the step backwards, but celebrating the progress every day. She has now moved on to intense physical and occupational rehab back at Good Shepherd. She started there on Tuesday of last week and will go every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning for 4 months and which time she will need to be evaluated. She is sore and in pain, but we try to keep reminding her this is GOOD pain. Easy for us to say 🙊. I honestly don’t think she will be in that wheelchair for another year. So freaking awesome. She continues to come around mentally as well. Still gets a little funky when she’s sleepy, but who doesn’t. She is just amazing.

She’s also been out and about! She went to the annual derby party at Chris Kohlers house, which she goes to every year (thanks again for having us 😉). Aunt Joanne and myself went to the Trexler Zoo a few weeks ago with the kids! She’s been to our home a couple of times now and the kids were so excited to show her around. We have date night every Thursday, either here or at her house. She’s been going to acupuncture on Fridays! Aunt Sandy is taking her to Roosevelt’s tonight! Marilin takes her here and there! And has been enjoying some fresh air this beautiful spring! Life is good and continues to get better and better every day. Thank you so much for your hopes, prayers and support and please – stop on by. She sure does love her visitors. Thanks again!! Xo

Here we are on Mothers Day! This picture means so much to me 💓

Here’s a few from our zoo outing! Love the penguin pic! LOL.

Ad here’s the gang hanging out on the porch on Date Night 😍! Followed by the kids putting on a show!!



And Marilin with her new buddy!! 🐶 Have a great day!!!!


Hi friends!

Can’t believe how long it’s been since the last time I wrote! Time flies when you’re having fun 😉 Everything is wonderful. Mom continues to improve every single day. Brent hasn’t been there in a while and went with us last night. Not gonna lie – he may have cried…twice! He said he was just so blown away with how well she is doing. He said it was like he was talking to *Linda*! Then he saw her walk for the first time and the big softie teared up again. It was so good to see. Tears of joy and happiness when for so long we all cried tears of sadness and worry. We have come so far. And time and time again she knocks our socks off and teaches us over and over to NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. Ever. 💓

A little bit ago she had some imaging done of her brain. Dr. Campbell reviewed it and is so pleased with her progress. He did not adjust her shunt for fear that it could actually make her go backwards. No one wants that! So he left her alone and we are happy with that. Her physical therapist comes twice a week. I spoke with him on the phone the other day and I can hear in his voice that he is over the moon. He told me that if she consistently remembers her left side and can focus/concentrate on what she needs to do that there is nothing stopping her. Can you believe it. Where we have come to where we are. Every single day I’m so thankful for the turn this roller coaster has taken and I pray it continues to stay on this track. We are so lucky. Can’t say it enough. And then her as a person is coming along too. She’s starting to ask more and more questions. Put things together. Wonder about things she hasn’t cared about like where’s my mail, how are my bills getting paid – just daily things. Her handwriting is on point. It’s amazing how something so simple as watching her write out my grandpas birthday card could bring me to tears because I never thought I’d see that handwriting again. I saved things that she wrote on when packing up her things because I didn’t want to forgot her handwriting. Strange I know. Now I can chuck all that crap out. 😜

Now the calendars. Oh my were they a success. There is a long list of people to thank, however, my phones going to die so I will do that next time I write. But thank you to everyone who helped to sell and bought calendars. It was pretty cool to see how many people won. Lots of repeat winners too! It was such a great idea and I thank my Uncle John for coming up with the idea and making it happen. He did such a wonderful job from finding a friend to print the calendars to the drawings and mailing out the checks. Thank you SO much! Let me know if you all are interested in doing this again? Was thinking of making it a yearly thing! But I would love to hear your thoughts!

We still love out Marilin and could never thank her enough for the wonderful care she gives Mom. She truly has become part of our family. The kiddos love to spend time with their Memaw and their Marilin. PS – Molly says her name better than all of us! 😉

Gonna leave you with a few pics of another reunion from today. Hope all is well. Thanks for the visits, thoughts and prayers. Xoxo


She loves that dog! The. She got some ink!


And her and her buddy were having se serious conversations. 🙊




Beautiful day today!! Hope you all enjoyed this beautiful weather! Xo


I think spring is finally here my friends! Have a great weekend! Xo